Wednesday, 21 February 2007

The Informer

Reality ebbs away unseen
reason muted in a hazy screen
of insane dreams and mumbled screams
of better tomorrows and might have beens

Crippled with fear
and impending doom
rooted in time
in a fly infected room

A 40 watt bulb,
naked, no shade
a trestle table
ready made

Pitiless faces
four in all
no emotion
no recall

Sentence passed
With final glares
God be with you
Solemn stares

Reality now
is a potholed road
on the floor
of a transit van

Hooded and gagged
just part of a load
two miles
from Crossmaglen

Too late for all but sorrow
and the swirling mists of regret
on a highway littered with heartbreak
in the land that god forgot.

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