Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Festering of Resentment

Flee from the lengthening shadows
fraught with fear and dread
of nutured hopes abandoned
and now proclaimed dead;
as sneaking wisps of darting flame
ignite the tortured air
and fly on high, to scorch the sky
to flourish and to prosper.

Flee from the hordes
out of their path
and leave the streets
to their wrath
and crazed eyes
and realise;

Their reason routed
in insane rage
at callous clowns
and hypocrites

And pious pleadings
deadened now
in no go zones
by petrol bombs

Goaded, tormented
devoid of pity
no sanity lingers now

Stalk the heart
of the inner city
retribution freely vowed

Merciless vengence
strike and be damned
succumb or surrender
forever be damned

Tearaway the facade
strip the veneer
behead the master
exult in his fear

Topple him from his stolen throne
stand him naked on his own
let him live
just once
like us

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